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Water Bottle Label Machine

The label sent by the label reel runs along the guide rail through the label wheel for labeling operation. The sensor detects i-mark automatically when the label passes through the label feeding and marking wheel. Once the position of the electronic eye is confirmed, the demodulator will automatically adjust the speed of the marking wheel, and then correctly specify the cutting position. The label goes to the shear department after passing the label feeding wheel for the marking operation, and then the cut label is sent to the vacuum sucker....

Function Characteristics:

1. Adopt the import control system, servo or step in and out of the standard system, Japanese omron automatic test label standard stop high-end configuration, to ensure that equipment operation is stable, can according to customer's actual demand matching other brands.

2. Adopt cylinder drive rotary bottle structure, turn three positioning way ensure excellent labeling parallel precision and positioning accuracy.

3. Main material is stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy manufacturing, in line with the GMP standard production, firm structure, beautiful and easy.

Main Parameters


380V; 50HZ


10000 Bottle/Hour (Ordinary 500ML Bottle Type)

The Total Power

About 8KW

The Glue Consumption

100,000 Bottles Using 1kg (Label Height 50mm)

Label Type

Single Body Label

Compressed Air Pressure

MIN5.0bar MAX8.0bar

Suitable For Bottle Type

Round Bottle ∮40-105mm, Height=80-250MM

Compressed Air Consumption


The Label Size

Long125-325mm, Height 20-190mm

The Machine Weight

About 2500kg

The Way Of Applying Glue

Roller Coating (About 10mm Each On Both Ends Of The Label)

Machine Dimensions

L=3150 W=1770 H=1800

Using The Label Type

Volume Label

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