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Flat Labeling Machine

It is suitable for label on flat, square, round protection than in daily, food, medicine and light industry.
It needs to change the label when the container change, which can greatly reduce the container stock. High Speed, precision, stability, easy operation and the combination.Design group can render special design service to customers special request production....

Main Feature:

1. Single positioning center guide pillar: More stable for label delivery.

2. Synchronous bottle divider: A more stable transmission for the bottle.

3. Bottom set label brush: More precision for casting label.

4. Push-button control cabinet: A more humanized operation.

5. Independent feeding material shelf: The position of the material shelf is optional at will.

6. It adopts PLC programmable controller, imported servo motor, servo driver, frequency converter and transducer: Also, it adopts the positioning module to ensure the casting label precise, rapid and stable.

7. Applicable Variety Types of Label Various kinds of bottle types, for example: Round bottle, square bottle, curve bottle and cup-shaped, etc.

Main Parameters

Labeling Speed

40 M / Min (80-200 Pieces / Min)

Labeling Accuracy


The Maximum Width Of The Label

190mm (Can Be Designed According To Customer Requirements)

Be Affixed Size

Thickness: ≥ 30mm Height: ≤ 500mm

Roll Inter

Ф76.2 Mm

Applicable Roll Diameter


Machine Size



280 KG

Use Of Electricity

380/220V 50Hz 2300W

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