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Plastic Bottle Sorting Machine

The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, PLC control, servo speed adjustment, production efficiency can reach 5,000-9000 bottles per hour, the structure of the equipment is simple and easy to maintenance, with the change of the bottle only need to replace the rotary table in the barrel can be. Beautiful appearance, safe and reliable....


• It is an automatic equipment integrates mechanical, electrical and pneumatic technology, and adopts control system of Germany Siemens PLC, HMI and inverter. It is stable,easy to operate and maintain. Control system adopts PLC and HMI, which is direct, simple and easy to operate.

• Consists of bottle storage hopper, bottle elevating structure, bottle unscramble structure and electric control system. With the large bottle storage hopper of volume around 0.45m³ and overload protection, it lowers bottle feeding frequency and reduces operator labor intensity.

• Photo sensor is installed to detect bottle jam. The machine will pause automatically if bottles are jammed on the convey belt. Whereas, it will automatically supply bottles if no bottle convey belt.

• Correcting bottle-mouth upward by using automatic photoelectric detection and rejection device. 100% qualified bottle unscrambling rate is guaranteed.

• 304 stainless steel machine frame and seal structure, meet GMP requirements.

Main Performance Parameter

Production capacity

50ml-200ml≤9000bottle/hour; 800m≤6000bottle/hour; 1000ml≤4800bottle/hour.

Diameter of the bottle


Bottle height


Power supply

AV380V, 50 HZ

Main power


External dimension (L*W*H)



About 1300kg

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