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Automatic bottle sorting machine is one of the latest products launched by our company, the whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, controlled by PLC all the transmission structure of the machine, so that the machine forms a whole. By modifying the data on the touch screen, the machine can meet the needs of different customers. The machine has simple structure, easy maintenance and free adjustment of machine parts. The whole machine is safe and beautiful, energy saving and environmental protection....

Device Features

Automatic Bottle Unscrambler is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, according to China high-speed beverage filling equipment, the direction of development needs, development, development of a leading domestic level with a row of bottles of equipment. The main features of the main motor reducer with torque limit agencies, in order to prevent damage to equipment failure. Two-row of bottles of elected bodies, to ensure that each station has a bottle off the bottle and improve the efficiency of a bottle. Using hanging bottle conveying duct to prevent the overturning of the bottle in the transportation time. Remove body with broken bottles. Equipped with card bottle detector, the card automatically shut down bottles and alarm. With no bottle detector, used for a hoist to issue a signal to hoist will automatically add the bottle. Bottle conveying air paths and is equipped with photoelectric switches, for controlling the start-stop Unscrambler. Unscrambler with injection nozzle, can be easily addressed to gears, bearings and cam lubricant filling. Has a maintenance gate and mold to replace the door. Main electrical components (inverter, PLC, photoelectric switches, relays) are used MITSUBISHI, OMRON, SIEMENS and other components. Pneumatic systems are used imports.

Main Performance Parameter

Production capacity

50ml-200ml≤9000bottles/hour; 800m≤6000 bottles/hour; 1000ml≤4800 bottles/hour

Passing rate




Bottle height


power supply

AV380V, 50 HZ



Dimension (L*W*H)


unscrambler tank diameterΦ1600mm

it can store 500 bottles


About 1500kg

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