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The machine consists of electrical control system, conveyor, photoelectric device, bottle turning device, bottle turning device, bottle pushing device, buffering device, translation device, the box device, lifting device and transmission mechanism. Electric control part consists of PLC and VVVF. If has strong control ability and high integration level. The application of touch screen technology makes it reliable and convenient for operation. Besides, touch screen makes it even friendlier in HMI.

On the basis of condensing the characteristics of various packing machines at home and abroad in order to adapt to the characteristics of domestic production enterprises, the newly developed automatic packing machine has the advantages of wide application, small spot and ground area, and can be used by a single machine. Can also be used with front-end heat-shrink packaging machine and cellophane wrapping machine and other online to complete the rear packaging production line. According to the requirements of packing quantity, various cuboid products such as boxes or bags are overlaid and pushed flat, and the products filled with boxes are automatically flipped over to the conveying drum and automatically connected with the unmanned production line (such as the unpacked assembly line in the rear road). Unman packaging assembly line etc. The automatic packing machine is advanced in design, compact in structure, convenient in use, reliable in operation, and can effectively guarantee the product quality. Thus, the production efficiency is improved and the labor intensity is reduced.

Main Performance Parameter

carton size

(customized according to samples)

Production capacity

≤ 6 box/min

Power source

380V /50HZ

Air source of grippers

≤ 0.2MPa



Machine size


Air source

0.6MPa clean and stable compressed air

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