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Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine

This machine id widely applied to realms such as agrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food industry is special fine chemical, daily chemical. Etc. Labeling circular bottles. If no bottle in the seat, the machine will stop till bottle comes to label. The type has many advantages like fast speed, low malfunction rate. If you want to change the bottle size (bigger, smaller), you only need to change some small components, such as gasket....


1. This machine can automatically attach adhesive labels or stickers film on the side surface of the product/ large curvature, circumference, and square surface, etc.

2. Attached location is accuracy and stable; to avoid manual labeling, inefficient film, attached skew, foaming and folds, and irregular attached location problems, reduce cost, make product more nice, so that improve product competitiveness.

3. Labeling smooth, not wrinkled, no bubbles, labeling accuracy, high efficiency, good stability.

4. Use the flexible adjustment of the pressure the top agencies and guides, ingenious design for combination of mechanical and structural adjustment and the winding labels. labeling location can be fixed after adjustment, so that it is simple and time-saving for adjustment of the conversion between different products and labels Winding.

5. For flat bottles, square bottles, arc bottles, this machine use double sides rigid with simultaneous oriented chain, can make sure the bottles on the middle automatically.

6. Use PLC control system, touch screen, has standard sensor electronic control system, human control interface show prompted comments and complete function, operation function, easy to use and maintain.

Main Performance Parameter

Power Supply

AC 380v; 50HZ (or according to client voltage requirement)

 Production capacity




Machine weight

500 kg

Suitable Bottle size


Machine dimension (L*W*H)


Suitable label size




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