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Automatic Capping Machine

The machine adopts 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy material, durable. The whole machine adopts imported servo control system, make the machine running on the stable and high speed. Advanced affinity touch human-machine interface, easy operation, complete function, has the rich online help function. Use of the world's famous brands imported electrical components, ensure that the machine is stable, reliable....

Main Parameters:

1. External dimensions of the host (length x width x height): 2000mm x 1200mm x 2000mm

2. Weight: about 1100kg

3. Apply to container size: diameter: Φ 30 mm - 110 mm Φ; Height: 50 mm to 250 mm

4. Apply lid specification: height: 10 mm ~ 35 mm diameter: Φ 18 mm ~ 80 mm Φ

5. Power supply: 380V (three-phase four-wire) 50Hz

6. Overall power: 3kw (8.5kw for the whole pipeline)

7. Gas source: 0.6mpa, clean and stable

8. Number of rotating heads: 1

9. Production capacity: 3,000 bottles/hour

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