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Bottle Unscrambler Machine

The machine consists of bottle feeder, host machine and conveying motor. PLC control system combines all the driving device together. The set figures can be alternated via touch screen panel to meet your different requirement. It is only necessary to change rotary plate in the bottle sorting barrel targeting different materials, and other parts can be freely adjusted. The machine is mainly made of stainless steel 304 and aluminum alloy, strictly based on GMP. With elegant appearance and high eff

This Bottle Unscrambler Machine is composed of an empty bottle hoist, main engine and conveyor. PLC is used to combine the various transmission mechanisms to form a whole. The data that has been set can be modified through the touch screen to adapt to the needs of different customers for the speed of the machine. The replacement of the machine can be freely adjusted by simply replacing the bottle in the bottle. 

 1. Fully Automatic Bottle Unscrambler adopts 304 stainless steel and alloy aluminum as the main manufacturing materials. The whole machine is beautiful and generous, with high work efficiency, and can adapt to work in various environments. 

 2. The transmission parts of the machine have transparent protective covers, which are safe and environmentally friendly. 

 3. The electronic control system performs real-time monitoring and feedback through the sensors of each part to determine the speed of the bottle and the filling speed of the back are closely matched to achieve harmony.

Main Performance Parameter

Production capacity

50ml-200ml≤9000bottles/hour; 800m≤6000 bottles/hour; 1000ml≤4800 bottles/hour

Passing rate




Bottle height


power supply

AV380V, 50 HZ



Dimension (L*W*H)

Unscrabler tank diameter Φ1600mm
It can store 500 bottles 


About 1500kg

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