Classification of Liquid Filling Machines

Nov 11 , 2018

The use of mechanized filling can not only improve labor productivity, reduce product loss, ensure packaging quality, but also reduce the mutual pollution of the production environment and materials. Therefore, the modern beverage production industry generally uses mechanized filling machines. Filling machine knowledge classification: different filling materials (gas-containing liquid, non-gas liquid, paste, etc.) and different packaging containers (bottles, cans, boxes, barrels, bags, etc.), the variety of filling machines are also used. Different, usually the classification method of the filling machine is as follows:
1. According to the degree of automation: manual filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine, filling gland combined machine.
2. According to the structure: linear filling machine, rotary filling machine.
3. According to the quantitative device: cup filling machine, liquid surface filling machine, rotor type filling machine, plunger type filling machine.
4. According to the number of filling valve head: single-head filling machine, multi-head filling machine.
5. Filling principle: vacuum filling machine, atmospheric pressure filling machine, back pressure filling machine, negative pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine.
6. According to the supply tank structure: single chamber feeding filling machine, double chamber feeding filling machine, multi-room feeding filling machine.
7. According to the lifting structure of the packaging container: slide type lifting and filling machine, pneumatic lifting and filling machine, slide pneumatic combination lifting and filling machine.
Reasonable choice of filling machine is an important way to ensure product quality and improve economic efficiency.

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