Capping Machine Intelligent Development Trend

Mar 15 , 2018


The capping machine is a kind of sealing device, and it is also the single machine with the highest precision in the three-in-one machine, which has great influence on the feasibility of the overall operation of the device and the defective rate of the product. Generally, there is a bottle detection switch, and the lock cylinder of the lock cover cylinder connected with the cover rail and the dial cover is controlled to discharge the cover, and the cover is stopped when the bottle is not used, thereby reducing the consumption of the cover. This type of equipment adopts a rotary tracking rotary (rolling) cover, the rolling cover adopts three rolling knives to hold the method, and the screw cap adopts the end face holding method. At the same time, advanced frequency conversion speed regulation technology can realize stepless speed regulation of production capacity, and the replacement of specifications is simple, convenient and fast.

Experts predict that there will be diversified and high-end opportunities in the future. On the one hand, in the food processing industry, the differences between people's common needs and individual needs, the difference in level demand, and the difference in quantity and quality demand have all contributed to the diversified development of the capping machine. On the other hand, the new intelligent and automated models have emerged and been widely used, and will inevitably replace the traditional manual screw caps into the mainstream of market consumption. According to the author's understanding, the intelligent capping machine independently developed by Jiazhou Machinery Co., Ltd. integrates rinsing, filling and sealing. It is controlled by PLC and touch screen, and the degree of automation is high. More importantly, the equipment is screwed into the bottle for the glass bottle, and the bottle centering device is used for the filling part. In addition, in order to solve the problem that the three-turn cover is easy to be misplaced and affect the quality of the seal, the reverse rotation and the positive rotation are realized at the time of screwing, thereby improving the qualification rate of the screw cover.

With the continuous advancement of the 2025 strategy of China Manufacturing, the trend of automation and intelligence of packaging machinery and equipment has become increasingly prominent. In the future development process, the capping equipment manufacturing enterprises must always adhere to the spirit of innovation, actively introduce high-tech and R & D personnel, improve the technological content of products, improve the comprehensive performance of equipment, in order to better grasp more in the market competition. The right to speak.

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