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How To Solve The Problem Of Labeling Machine Label Breaking

Feb 02 , 2018

When the labeling machine is bought for debugging, there will be a situation of broken labels. There are many reasons for this. Let's analyze it together.

1, The Problem of the Label Itself
Label bottom paper cut is a cause of broken marks. There is a very obvious phenomenon. The break is very neat. When you look closely, you can find that the bottom paper of the label has obvious marks of cut. This is because of the The label is caused by the tool being too heavy and needs to be redone.

2, The Problem of stripping the Board
In addition to the problems of the label itself, the label is mainly focused on the stripping board. One of the most important reasons is that the stripping board is too sharp, and the stripping board is made of sheet metal. The main cutting edge is made. The main way of cutting and milling is to grind the knife edge manually, so that the transition at the knife edge is smooth and smooth.

3, The Problem of Tensioning Mechanism
In the entire header section, the purpose of the tensioning mechanism is to ensure that the label can be separated from the stripping plate relatively uniformly and stably during the pulling movement. For this purpose, the tension of the label is required to ensure a certain strength. If the force is too large, the label will be broken, which can be solved by reducing the force of the pressure gauge and the spring force of the brake lever.
If these reasons cannot be solved by yourself, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer for debugging to prevent damage to the machine caused by mistakes in debugging.

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