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Mineral Water Bottle Capping Machine

Mineral Water Bottle Capping Machine

This automatic inline linear capping machine has four speed-adjustable motors which separately used in lid-arranging, sleeve lid, lid-capping and conveying, in the capping process can be automatic arrange lid, automatic sleeve lid, automatic capping.

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Product Details

Main performance parameter:
1、Power supply:AC 220V ;50HZ
3、Production speed:0-6000bottles/hour
4、Suitable bottle diameter:φ40mm-φ100mm
5、Suitable cap diameter:φ20mm-φ50mm
6、Weight:about 650kg


1) This is a fully automatic capping machine with advanced intelligent control and easy operation.
2) Equipped with a cover supply unit.
3) Safe operation, the machine can stop automatically during abnormal operation.
4) Widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage, food and other industries, can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.
5) Use a stainless steel body that will not rust.
6) Beautiful appearance, can be operated or used on the production line.

7)The machine is equipped with a computer automatic temperature control and extruder molding machine speed matching system. It adjusts the temperature of the mold and material to the optimum condition, making the equipment durable.