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Screw Cap Machine

  • Linear Capping Machine

    Linear Capping Machine

    This automatic inline linear capping machine has four speed-adjustable motors which separately used in lid-arranging, sleeve lid, lid-capping and conveying, in the capping process can be automatic...

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  • Automatic Lid-pressing Machine

    Automatic Lid-pressing Machine

    The Automatic Lid-pressing Machine is controlled by a microcomputer, compact and reasonable structure, easy operation and maintenance. The straight-line bottle entry and positioning make it...

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  • Oil Drum Screw Capping Machine

    Oil Drum Screw Capping Machine

    The oil drum screw capping machine uses the straight line bottle feeding. Due to the lid-cover flat belt design with a drop of slop, the caps after press will become more and more tightly.

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  • Vacuum Capping Machine

    Vacuum Capping Machine

    Automatic straight-line filling screw vacuum capping machine is a new kind of filling, filling and capping machine. This machine is suitable for the filling of chili sauce, shiitake sauce and...

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  • High Speed Capping Machine

    High Speed Capping Machine

    The newest type location tracking high speed capping machine, using tracking capping, no harm to bottles and caps, fast speed, safe and steady, high efficiency capping .

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  • Large Barrel Screw Cap Machine

    Large Barrel Screw Cap Machine

    This Large Barrel Screw Cap Machine has a whole function of bottle-feeding &cap-feeding, cap-unscrambling, cap-screw and bottle-outlet. Adopt international advanced modular design concept,...

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  • Rotary Capping Machine

    Rotary Capping Machine

    With reliable performance, easy operation, reasonable design, this Rotary Capping Machine is comparable to foreign machines of the same kind.

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