Hot summer machinery and equipment package manual
In the hot summer, machinery and equipment will be more likely to produce hidden dangers, as the equipment users and operators to timely maintenance of equipment, reduce the incidence of failure.
High temperature environment may occur failure
Hydraulic system failure
Lubrication system failure
Engine failure
Other parts are faulty
Into the summer, the best equipment to do a comprehensive maintenance, easy to occur in high temperature failure of the equipment and spare parts focus on maintenance.
1 .Filling machine maintenance
 ● appearance maintenance: the integrity of the door frame inspection, corrosion traces of processing, hinge is damaged; pipe cleaning, tank cleaning, float level gauge cleaning, platform cleaning, chain cleaning.
 ● Filling head maintenance: in-line for the Po Tak valve plug; piston filling machine plug for the plug-type (if the stainless steel round mouth damage will make the block lax, when the demolition should also pay attention to whether the round mouth Damaged); cylinder cleaning, check the spring is intact, and finally drip into the cylinder for lubrication.
 ● three-way valve maintenance: three-way valve seal; cylinder cleaning, check the spring is intact, and finally drip into the cylinder for lubrication.
 ● PTFE tube: the clip is corroded to be replaced, and the electroencephalography pipe is replaced.
 ● screw fixture, etc.: the replacement of the corrosion, the knife fixed screw, the knife cylinder split to the dirt, liquid dish cleaning fixed, the liquid pipe installed and locked with a card.
 ●Electrical line: finishing clean and beautiful, the measurement of unstable solenoid valve to replace, check the wire connector is in good contact, good insulation, check the appearance of contactor whether there are over-current traces, check the float level gauge screw is loose and the action interval is correct.
2 .Capping machine maintenance
 ● tension wheel: bearing replacement and refueling, tension wheel bearing groove is worn, tension wheel reed and its flat pad wear
 ● bearing: bearing refueling, clamping the motor next to the inside of the cover after the opening of the bearing refueling
 ● timing belt: the belt with a large need to replace the wear, change the positive and negative double-sided combat oil
 ● folder plate: folder plate within the lock block a total of 8, the use of the process if the screw is locked, the folder plate up and down sliding lock on the need to change with the power. Note the point; with the lock when the block, look at the location of the lock. On the folder plate up, under the folder plate down.
 ● cover: the cover card aluminum processing, cover the bottom of the lid with the use of compressed air blowing aluminum, or open the cover, clean the aluminum. The lid is used to find the lid slippery, the cover is weak. Use sandpaper to grind the lid.
 ● folder bottle sprocket: bottle sprocket to use the process of abnormal sound, check the folder bottle tight. If there is abnormal sound, check whether the chain damage with the chain, and check the sprocket tooth wear intensity. Found serious wear and tear in time with sprocket, found sprocket sloshing serious inspection sprocket bearing, there is damage with the immediate change.
3 .Labeling machine maintenance
 ● Labeling machine power transmission: Labeling machine with V-belt drive, and regularly check the tension of the triangle belt to ensure that the motor drive does not slip.
 Labeling machine with gear drive, check the gear gap, the appropriate tightening the top screw. Add butter on the gear.
 ● Scraper part: check scraping bearing bearings, you can swing the lever by hand, whether there is a gap, (1-2mm) than the gap, and timely with the bearing.
 ● Label box parts: Labeling machine Bottom of the box at the bottom of the box, bearing type, check the bearing clearance, the gap is too large and timely change.
 The bottom of the label box is a linear bearing type, check whether the linear bearing needs to be changed.
 ● cylinder: labeling label box cylinder, pull back and forth to see if there is resistance. Resistance is too large recommended with the cylinder
 ● battery valve: often recommended to open the muffler cleaning. Use the process coil to pull the battery valve without reaction with the recommended battery valve.
For any enterprise, equipment maintenance is a can not be ignored work, equipment, good operation, not only determines the production efficiency, product quality, but also to a certain extent, greatly reduce production costs and improve business income. The long-term effective maintenance of the equipment according to the expertise is done by every producer.

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